Founded in 1980, Paz Engineering and Management (1980) Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary design engineering company based in Israel. The company plays a significant role in the development of global industries and is one of Israel’s preeminent engineering management companies. Since our business started 40 years ago, our services have diversified and now support virtually all the engineering aspects of the industry.


“To be a leading engineering and design company preferred by customers for our excellent quality and professional service.” We work to provide customers consistent excellent satisfaction through quality and professional service from our engineering and design projects.


“To be a world-class provider of engineering and design services to global businesses.” We set our sights and focus all our efforts to achieving excellence in our engineering and design services for customers in Israel and anywhere in the world.


We ensure that our clients are heard and their needs are fulfilled by emphasizing our values of integrity, competence, responsibility, and quality.

IntegrityWe do what we commit to do.

ResponsibilityWe achieve results.

CompetenceWe find solutions.

Quality: We focus on producing quality.


Our people are our most valuable assets. Our organization is staffed with technical experts and experienced personnel with diverse knowledge and skills covering all disciplines of engineering.

We follow a multi-faceted approach to finding solutions to technical challenges involving our professionals in the various engineering fields. We likewise have a balanced technical workforce that consists of veteran industry experts and young dynamic engineers with progressive ideas. They work concurrently with teams bringing different perspectives in solving problems to come up with innovative and flexible engineering solutions with a strong emphasis on cost versus benefits.



The list of our customers, which consists mostly of first-tier companies in diverse industries such as chemicals, fuel and energy, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, high-tech and more gives a glimpse of our technical capability and expertise. The quality and complexity of the projects we have successfully completed for our customers such as industrial plants, multi-storey buildings, bridges, ports and pipelines speak well of our performance. Paz Engineering’s reputation in industries has been built by the track record we have established throughout four decades of excellent technical management of engineering projects.