Carmel Olefins Facility

LOCATION: Haifa, Israel

CLIENT: Carmel Olefins Ltd.

CATEGORY: Industrial Hazard and Hazardous Materials

Fire Protection

◆ DelekSan Factor
◆ SodaStream Complex
◆ Haifa Bay – Fire Risk Survey
◆ Haifa Chemicals

Project Scope: Carmel Olefins Ltd. manufacturer of petrochemical products that are used as raw materials for the plastics industry.

As part of the production capacity expansion project, many manufacturing facilities were added throughout the plant. The project included safety advice, increasing the plant’s extinguishing capacity, designing firefighting and cooling monitors, planning water screens and sprinkler systems

Planning Contents:

  • Safety consultation
  • Overhead supervision
  • Specifications for construction
  • Planning of reinforcement of the extinguishing pumps array
  • Detailed planning for artillery systems, infrastructural pipes, sprinkler systems and water screens.
  • Preparation of documents for Authorities’ approvals