Dolphin Reef Screen Protection
Community and Entertainment

LOCATION: Eilat, Israel

CLIENT: Israel Ports Company Ltd.

CATEGORY: Water, Waste and Sewer Systems

Project Management

Project Scope: The Dolphin Reef is a top Israeli attraction on the shores of the Red Sea, located in Eilat. As part of an extension development, PAZ Mechanical Engineering team was part of the solution for developing an underwater air screen system in which reduces the amount of noise being reached to the reef; the sounds waves generated by the process were at a level that harms the sound systems and the equilibrium level of the dolphins.

The project included an air compression system with a capacity of several hundred horsepower, coastal and submarine pipeline systems, and control valve systems.

As part of the planning, PAZ has provided all the necessary documentation; including Bill of quantities and Specification for the mechanical systems; They also provided assistance for electrical and energy systems. The mechanical team has collected engineering data and conducted calculations for the verification of air quantities, calculation of pressure falls in the pipeline, and nozzles of dispersion.

PAZ was responsible for carrying overhead supervision of final performance.