DOR Chemicals – LDAR
Petrochemical & Oil

LOCATION: Haifa, Israel

CLIENT: DOR Chemicals Ltd.

CATEGORY: LDAR – Leak Detection and Repair


◆ Bazan Group
◆ Carmel Olefins
◆ GADIV Petrochemical Industries Ltd

Project Scope: DOR Chemicals specializes in the manufacture and trade of chemicals and logistics. 

PAZ Engineering was responsible for monitoring and reporting non-point emissions due to leaks of equipment and accessories from operations that include oil distillates and lubricants.

LDAR Monitoring and Reporting are carried in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the EPA protocol designated for this purpose – “Protocol for Equipment Leak Emission Estimates” in conjunction with “the Commissioner’s instructions for handling an emission permit application under section 9 (a) of the Clean Air Regulations (Emission permits) 2010 (Second edition, September 2012) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Having completed dozens of projects in this field; with all the main petrochemical companies in Israel; PAZ has gained an excellent reputation all around the country and the world.