Elbit (Soltam) Complex
Defense Electronics

LOCATION: Yokne’am, Israel

CLIENT: SoltamElbit Systems Ltd.

CATEGORY: Water, Waste and Sewer Systems


◆ Sodastream Complex
◆ Dolphin Reef Protection System
◆ Delek Pi Glilot – Drainage and Sewage System

Project Scope: The company Elbit System (Soltam) is known for developing and manufacturing advanced artillery systems, mortars, ammunition and peripheral equipment for IDF, US Army and others NATO countries.

As part of the approval of the master plan for the construction of the Soltam Complex, PAZ Engineering was engaged in planning the supply of water and sanitary water to a building with a total area of about 500,000 square meters.

As part of the development plans, peripheral systems are planned for the supply of sanitary water and systems for the supply of firefighting water to all buildings, including a water reservoir for extinguishing.

Planning Contents:

  • Investment Cost Estimation
  • Detailed Plans preparation
  • Water Characterization
  • Characterization of shutdown requirements
  • Design of Fire Fighting Pumping Systems
  • Planning an emergency reservoir for Fire Fighting Systems