Haifa Bay – Fire Risk Survey
Port & Marine

LOCATION: Haifa, Israel

CLIENT: Haifa Port

CATEGORY: Industrial Hazard and Hazardous Materials

Fire Protection

◆ Haifa Chemicals
◆ Carmel Olefins Facility

Project Scope: Haifa Port is one of Israel’s largest Ports.

PAZ Engineering carried a fire risk survey taking into account fire hazards, hazards from escape of toxic material, formation of a toxic gas cloud and drifting of the cloud and/or explosion, based on the use of safety distance calculation methods, depending on the source of the risk on the one hand and the environmental receptor on the other.

The fire risk survey has two main objectives:

  • Examination of risks that exist in the plant due to the maintenance of flammable/combustible materials, the characterization of the risks and the determination of acceptability / unacceptability of the risk to persons/ property.

Examination of existing extinguishing/ protection/cooling measures, analyzing their suitability for risks and proposing protective/ extinguishing/engineering measures to reduce the risk to the required minimum.

Paz Engineering Industrial Safety Team specialize in Industrial Hazard and Hazardous materials – Flammable and Combustible Liquids, Storage of Aerosol Products, Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals, Boiler and Combustion Systems, Exhaust Systems, Water-Cooling Towers, etc.