Nesher Pedestrian Suspended Bridge
Transportation & Infrastructure

LOCATION: Nesher, Israel

CLIENT: Nesher Council

CATEGORY: Cable Structure/Suspension


◆ Omega Bridge – Shilo
◆ Tel Hai Bridge
◆ Lifeline (Israel Electric Corporation)


Project Scope: One of PAZ’s 2016 project, hanging bridge at Nesher park. As part of the development of Nesher Park, two suspension bridges of 80 meters in length were designed by Paz Engineering. A place where thousands of residents and tourists visit every year. Being top #10 choices of the public “things to do” in Haifa.

The bridges were designed using advanced materials, sophisticated safety measures, and innovative engineering solutions.     

Planning Contents:

– Location and topographic surveys.

– Design of foundations for anchoring and of bridges.

– Development of anchoring systems and tensioning bridge cables.

– Designing all bridge components

– Design of safety systems and prevention of vandalism.