Soda Stream Complex
Carbonated Drinks Manufacturer

LOCATION: Negev, Israel

CLIENT: Soda Stream Ltd.

CATEGORY: Concrete & Steel Structures

Fire Protection
Construction Management

◆ DelekSan

Project Scope: As part of this project, PAZ was contracted to design three production buildings with a total area of 30,000 sqm. The buildings were built with concrete structure and steel-frame; and within the facilities we have designed different types of rooms, including basement, showrooms, protected spaces, etc.

We were engaged in a preliminary stage of the project and we have produced all the necessary documentation for the construction of the buildings; including feasibility study, value engineering, specification for construction, bill of quantities, and detailed design plans. We also took responsibility to oversee and supervise the construction work on site.

PAZ has also performed mechanical, plumbing, fire protection system design and construction administration services for this project. The mechanical team has designed all of the internal and external mechanical systems, including design and planning of structural piping work, sanitary water supply, low-level pumping stations, as well as the industrial services.

Safety consultation were provided for all three building, and fire protection systems were provided for the factory buildings and warehouses, including the sprinkler systems, fire detectors.