EAPC – Distillates Facility

LOCATION: Ashkelon, Israel

CLIENT: EAPC – Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline

Industrial Process & Material Handling
Environmental Impact Assessment

Process Engineering

◆ Haifa Chemicals – Ammonia Disposal

Project Scope: Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company Ltd. is based in Israel and operates as a land bridge for transporting crude oil and other petroleum products pipelines. The company also operates two oil ports and two oil terminals with a total storage capacity of 3.6 million cubic meters for crude oil and oil products.

PAZ Engineering carried examination of the existing facility from all aspects of operation and original planning at all stages of operation from the stage of discharge by sea tankers, storage, handling and dispensing.

Planning Contents:

  • In-depth study of the systems according to the existing systems document, inspection visits and meetings with the operational teams
  • Cooperation with an overseas company specializing in operation of distillate terminals
  • Performance of “HAZOP” (operational risk analysis) to identify potential operational malfunctions
  • Preparation of report on gaps and improvements suggestion
  • Preparation of investment cost estimates