Haifa Port – Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
Marine & Ports

LOCATION: Haifa, Israel

CLIENT: Haifa Port

CATEGORY: Risk Assessment & Surveys


◆ BAZAN – Deterministic Risk Survey
◆ DOR Chemicals – Separation Distances Survey
◆ Teva – Risk Management Guide

Project Scope: The Haifa Port is the largest Port in Israel.

Haifa Port is considered a “vital enterprise” and a strategic site of the State of Israel. The port is a major gateway for receiving supplies and aid from abroad, transporting over 25 tons of cargo per year.

In order to function even in an event of an emergency; PAZ Engineering was asked to prepare a comprehensive procedure to be incorporated into the existing emergency plan of the port.

Alongside, PAZ carried the Quantitative Risk Assessment Survey – examining potential environmental risk on-site and outside its limits as a result of the plant’s overall operations, as well as dangerous substances transport on trains and trucks.

The risk is calculated by combining the implications and probabilities of a variety of scenarios with the aim of calculating the values of personal and public risk, using sophisticated computerized software – RISKCURVES..