Ramon Airport (Timna) – Fuel systems
Airport Facility

LOCATION: Eilat, Israel

CLIENT: Israel Airports Authority

CATEGORY: Water, Energy and Fuel Systems


◆ Sonol Israel (Multidisciplinary)
◆ Kamad Facility – Fuel System
◆ LPG Central Station Facility
◆ National Master Plan 32D/5– LPG
◆ EAPC – Expansion of storage and LPG storage farms

Project Scope:

PAZ Engineering have planned the fuel system for the development of a new airport. The mechanical team were responsible to plan and design fuel storage and supply systems for aircraft, operational vehicles and private vehicles. PAZ was responsible for connecting of the fueling line to the national fuel infrastructures, designing storage tank farms and pumping systems.

PAZ also were engaged to design and manage the development of a new route of the fuel pipelines. The planning content involved investment decision analysis, procurement assistance, preparation of construction specifications, characterization of solution for moving the pipelines, protection and route deviation design solution and constant coordination with the owners of adjacent infrastructures.