TNUVA ALON Food Processing
Food Processing and Distributing

LOCATION: Industrial area (Alon Tavor)

CLIENT: Tnuva Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Center

CATEGORY: Seismic Analysis & Building Reinforcement


◆ Prigat Beverage Factory
◆ Mekorot Water Supplier
◆ Hadera Paper Mill
◆ Tower – Production Facilities

Project Scope: Tnuva is one of the largest food corporations in Israel. The client intends to connect a natural gas line to the building structure. On this basis, the structure is required to be resistant to earthquake loads.

Part of PAZ’s Engineering scope of work included:

–        Acceptance and examination of the building plans

–        Creating a computer model of the structure

–        Calculate the structure’s resistance to earthquake loads

–        Final Structural Engineer Approval